Learning at Home Links

Here are some useful links for Learning at Home


Oxford Owls - Great books to read on-line.

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pdf documentbrilliant-book-list-y1 (Twinkl)

pdf documentbrilliant-book-list-y2 (Twinkl)

pdf documentbrilliant-book-list-y3 (Twinkl)

pdf documentbrilliant-book-list-y4(Twinkl)

pdf documentbrilliant-book-list-y5 (Twinkl)

pdf documentbrilliant-book-list-y5 (Twinkl)

pdf documentbrilliant-book-list-y6 (Twinkl)

pdf document10 What questions


Puffins Homework - A great website for balancing calculations

Tablemaster - To practise your times tables.

Tackle your fractions! - Games to help you master the concept of fractions 


’Purple Mash’ Computing for children -

BBC Schools Science Clips - Learn a few science facts.