Meet the Governing Body

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Welcome from the Chair of Governors!



Photograph of Mrs Sonia Atkiss ()

Mrs Sonia Atkiss

My name is Sonia Atkiss and I am the Chair of Governors here at Hope Primary School. I have been a parent governor for a few years now and I have held two terms in office as Chair. I have currently two children at the school and my third has been through the school too. I am a former pupil as well. I work locally and I am also studying a home study course. When I’m not at work or studying I like to read and listen to music. I am usually in or about school and I pick my children up most days‚ so feel free to come and talk to me about school.


Photograph of Mrs Lucy Bishton ()

Mrs Lucy Bishton

Our family moved to Hope at the start of 2017. When our two children started at school‚ we were overwhelmed at how welcoming everyone was. It really helped us all to settle in. I feel that it is very important to support the school and be involved in the fantastic work the staff do. I have a strong interest in the emotional well being of the children. I was a teacher in Sheffield for many years and now work with children and adults to improve their emotional health. I am always happy to listen to any issues you have - good and bad! - and will represent the views of parents and pupils at governors meetings. When I’m not working‚ I enjoy climbing‚ running‚ yoga and playing with my kids and the dog!


Photograph of Mrs Angela Bold ()

Mrs Angela Bold

Hello‚ I am Clerk to Governors at  Hope Primary and I am also Clerk at a couple of other schools in Derbyshire. I grew up in the local area and attended Castleton School and Hope Valley College. In my spare time I like to cook savoury dishes and I enjoy reading. My favourite food is Chinese.


Photograph of Mrs Jemma  Lenton ()

Mrs Jemma Lenton

I have two children currently at Hope Primary School and my eldest also attended Hope Primary. I work as a Biomedical Scientist and find my role as governor very rewarding. It is great to be part of the school team and see how much work goes behind the scenes and the enthusiasm for moving things forward. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to help make a difference.


Photograph of Mrs Claire Middleton-Taylor ()

Mrs Claire Middleton-Taylor

I have three children; two currently at Hope Primary‚ and my eldest recently left to start at Hope Valley College. I grew up in Hathersage‚ moving away for college and university. We moved to Hope when we were expecting our first child‚ as myself and my husband had both loved growing up in the Hope Valley‚ and wanted to give our children the type of childhood and educational experiences that we had enjoyed. I have been a parent governor for just over 2 years‚ and it is one of the most rewarding things I do with my time. The governing body needs lots of different skillsets‚ and I put my maths degree to good use in my key areas of budget and finance. My day job is designing IT solutions for a large international bank‚ and in my spare time (not that I have much) I like to knit‚ crochet‚ sew and design knitting patterns.

Photograph of Mr Craig Offless ()

Mr Craig Offless

My wife‚ Laura and I own The Cheshire Cheese Inn‚ on Edale Road‚ in Hope‚ and our son Thomas attends Hope Primary School. I also own Altus Adventure‚ a company delivering leadership‚ navigation and climbing courses for adults‚ who want to teach climbing and leading young people in the British mountains. I am accredited as a national governing body award provider for the Mountain Leadership Award and the Single Pitch climbing Award. I also work with groups of people of all ages‚ using the hills and mountains as a developmental experience and am passionate about conserving the natural upland environment.


Photograph of Mrs Jane Scott ()

Mrs Jane Scott

I moved to Hope in 2011 with my husband Richard and dog Sparky. We have two children‚ Ben and Anna. Prior to having children I was a secondary school Design and Technology teacher for ten years. I was also a mentor for trainee teachers at the school. I was appointed to the governing body of Hope Primary School in Spring 2017‚ a few months after my son started in Reception. I have been impressed with the school so far and am keen to be part of it. I am enjoying the challenge of seeing the workings of a school from a different perspective‚ and hope to be able to make a positive contribution to the life of the school. I want Hope Primary School to be the best it possibly can for pupils‚ parents/carers and staff. As a governor‚ I am happy to represent the views of parents and am friendly and approachable. You will normally find me in the playground before and after school.


Photograph of Mrs Nadine Weston ()

Mrs Nadine Weston

Hello‚ I am Mrs Weston. I teach the Wise Owls. When I am not teaching‚ I like to drum‚ dance and go for a dive around the world.

Photograph of Mrs Sally Winfield ()

Mrs Sally Winfield

Hello‚ I am Mrs Winfield and I teach the Puffins. Cricket is my passion. I love team games and running in the hills.