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Children in Need

We invited our friends from Edale school to join us in our activities to raise money for Children in Need. We decorated a few cakes and biscuits. We wrote poems about Pudsey bears. We made a Pudsey face in art and we solved code breaking puzzles. We had a great time!

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Blue Planet Magic

- 08-07-2019

Today the whole school travelled by coach to Blue Planet in Ellesmere Port....READ MORE

Well Dressing

- 25-06-2019

What a great piece of art that all the children have contributed to! 


Well Dressing

- 25-06-2019

What a great piece of art that all the children from Hope School have contributed to!


Young Writers Competition

- 10-06-2019

We entered a writing competition where we had to write a diary page....READ MORE

Football Fun

- 30-04-2019

Neil from Manchester City Football Club came to our school to teach us a few distinctive skills that professional footballers use to train....READ MORE

Red Nose Day

- 15-03-2019

We all came to school wearing our red noses and red clothes....READ MORE

World Book Day 2019 - Out of Space!

- 08-03-2019

To celebrate World Book Day we pretended to be authors and to draw a cover for our new book....READ MORE

Tudor Day

- 02-10-2018

Today we had the visit from Lady Eyre....READ MORE

A Norman invitation to Peveril Castle

- 25-06-2018

The Lord and Lady of Peveril Castle sent us an invitation to join them for a day of entertainment at their castle....READ MORE

A Norman Feast

- 18-06-2018

The Lord and Lady of Peveril invited their knights and their people who live in the bailey to join them in a celebration of thanks for their hard work to look after the castle....READ MORE

Royal Wedding at Hope

- 17-05-2018

On this sunny afternoon‚ the Owls had the honour to be invited to a Royal Wedding held in the Puffins Class....READ MORE

Robots in School!

- 08-05-2018

Today we had a workshop where we learnt how to make a robot move....READ MORE

Geography in the playground

- 01-05-2018

Today we learnt how to use a compass to find North‚ East‚ South and West....READ MORE

Flat Stan First Aid

- 16-04-2018

Flat Stan came to school today to teach us a few first aid skills....READ MORE

Easter Extravaganza

- 23-03-2018

Retelling the Easter story‚ reflecting on its message‚ baking bread and ’walking on eggs’ were but a few activities to celebrate Easter....READ MORE

Sports Relief 2018

- 21-03-2018

Lots of active lessons this morning to celebrate Sports Relief 2018: carousel of skills in the morning (gymnastics; jumping; dodging; hopping; starting; stopping; football target practice) ready for the afternoon football tournament....READ MORE

World Book Day - Dress as a bear!

- 08-03-2018

In our House teams we had a fun day packed with different activities for World Book Day....READ MORE

Surviving the Stone Age

- 12-02-2018

On a cold and snowy day‚ we re-enacted surviving the Stone Age at Creswell Craggs....READ MORE

Christmas Dinner

- 13-12-2017

Could this be the best school dinner ever? 


Christmas Traditions

- 11-12-2017

With Mrs Bland we learnt about many Christmas traditions such as the reasons for red and green being the main colours of Christmas or how the Christmas crackers were invented....READ MORE

Skeleton Martyn visits school!

- 30-11-2017

We had the visit of an unusual ’body’ for our science lesson today! Archie’s mum introduced Martyn to us and explained how it helps her with her job....READ MORE

Children in Need

- 17-11-2017

What a surprise! Pudsey bears are all over in our school today....READ MORE

Basketball WOW day

- 08-11-2017

What a fantastic day inspired by Paul Sturgess! We were all so keen to have a go and show him what we could do....READ MORE

Harvest Festival

- 01-11-2017

Our classroom welcomed our parents to join in our Harvest celebration....READ MORE

Black History day

- 02-10-2017

Today we have been learning that a lot of black people were slaves in the past....READ MORE

Scooter Smart

- 19-09-2017

Today Ronald the Rhino came out of the classroom to learn with us to be safe on the roads when we ride our scooters....READ MORE

Sports Day

- 30-06-2017

Great PE skills demonstrated today for Sports Day 2017....READ MORE

Trip to the Butterfly House

- 13-06-2017

What a great day we had at the Butterfly House! We learnt about habitats and the animals that live there....READ MORE

Outdoor Maths and Science

- 23-05-2017

Today we went to the Conservation Area for our lesson....READ MORE

Easter Extravaganza

- 06-04-2017

A fun day with music‚ songs‚ games‚ Easter egg and hat competitions on a sunny afternoon! Happy Easter to everybody!


World Book Day- Bedtime stories in the classroom

- 02-03-2017

How relaxing and comfortable is the day at school when you wear your pyjamas or dressing gown‚ cuddling your favourite soft toy and listening to stories read by the teacher or by a friend....READ MORE

National Space Centre

- 28-02-2017

We had a fantastic day at the National SpaceCentre....READ MORE

Romans days in Hope

- 07-02-2017

It is 60AD and the Roman governors who rule Britain want to increase taxes....READ MORE

A dragon in school!

- 27-01-2017

Here we go‚ riding a mighty beast that will fly across the playground and whiz us into our classrooms!....READ MORE

Could this be Santa already?

- 15-12-2016

Silence stroke the classroom when Santa appeared unexpectantly this afternoon....READ MORE

Rodney the Rat

- 14-12-2016

The Puffins and the Owls performed Rodney the Rat (by James Wright) at the Methodist Hall....READ MORE

Skipping and World games

- 17-10-2016

We had so much fun this morning‚ learning new games to play at playtime....READ MORE

Harvest Time is here!

- 14-10-2016

The Owls wanted to link what they had learnt in science and shared with the audience what they had found out....READ MORE

Olympic Owls!

- 21-07-2016

Today we came to school in our favourite sports kit and talked about our favourite sport....READ MORE

Robin Hood in our school?

- 21-07-2016

Today we had a lesson on how to use a long bow....READ MORE

Fencing Dad at school!

- 20-07-2016

As part of our Olympic week we invited Poppy’s dad to show us fencing skills....READ MORE

Peveril Day at school

- 11-07-2016

What a bad day to walk to Castleton to ’reconquer’ Peveril castle from the Normans! We decided that the conditions were not the best so we practised our skills in school instead....READ MORE

Did astronauts really come to school?

- 26-05-2016

As part of our Rocket Science project following Tim Peak’s travel to the International Space Station‚ a team of ’astronauts’ came to school to ask us to think of ideas of how we can make Tim’s landing back onto Earth as safest as possible....READ MORE

Celebrating Her Majesty’s 90th

- 13-05-2016

Today many people joined in to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday....READ MORE

Rugby Pro in school

- 21-03-2016

Rick‚ who used to play for the Sale Sharks‚ has come to our school to share with us what professional rugby players think of bullying....READ MORE

Sports Relief

- 18-03-2016

Some of us decided to run a few laps around the playing field and some of us decided to challenge ourselves in trying different footwear!


Magic Science for World Book Day

- 03-03-2016

Wingardium Leviosa! With Madame Hooch the children used magic science to lift brooms or move wands wihout touching them and invisible ink was used to write secret messages....READ MORE

The Nativity Story Live

- 07-12-2015

The Owls have teamed up with the Puffins in re-enacting the story of the Nativity at Topley Farm....READ MORE

Let’s get cooking!

- 13-10-2015

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we passed the gate of our Conservation Area today....READ MORE

Scooter Smart

- 29-09-2015

We had great fun learning to manoeuvre our scooters around the playground!