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Scales‚ Feathers and Fur

We had an amazing day learning about all kinds of unusual animals. It was like being in a tropical forest. Butterflies‚ large and small‚ would fly over our heads. Colourful birds were pecking at fruit and lizards were napping high up in branches. We loved touching the tortoises‚ the owl and the guinea pigs. Meerkats were so funny. But the best was to be caught by sprinkles of water on this hot sunny day!

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Christmas Dinner

- 13-12-2017

It has been a long morning waiting for our favourite school dinner!


Christmas Traditions

- 11-12-2017

We have had a day of learning how Christmas traditions came to be about in Britain: why we have Christmas cards‚ Christmas crackers‚ a Christmas tree and who wrote the first Christmas cards....READ MORE

Basketball WOW day

- 08-11-2017

What a fantastic day we’ve had practising our skills at basketball and Paul Sturgess‚ who helped us‚ was so tall!!


Harvest Festival

- 01-11-2017

Mums‚ dads and grandmas joined us to make some Harvest crafts....READ MORE

Sports Day 2017

- 30-06-2017

What a great time we have had this afternoon! After playing games of football we showed how good we were at jumping‚ throwing and running in the triple jump‚ disc competitions and races....READ MORE

Santa is here!

- 15-12-2016

We couldn’t believe our eyes when Santa knocked on the door! Thank you Santa for bringing us an early gift....READ MORE

Rodney the Rat

- 14-12-2016

The Puffins and the Owls performed Rodney the Rat (by James Wright) at the Methodist Hall....READ MORE

Puffins skipping

- 17-10-2016

Have you ever seen a Puffin skip or spin a plate? Well‚ this is just what happened in school today....READ MORE

Harvest Time

- 14-10-2016

The Puffins showed their singing and acting talent to the song called ’This is what we do at Harvest time’....READ MORE

The day Spicy came out to play

- 21-07-2016

Spicy‚ our class chick that hatched in the Hawks classroom a few weeks ago‚ has helped us to write stories today....READ MORE

Robin Hood in our school?

- 21-07-2016

Today Mr Steve Joel from the Sherwood Foresters Archery Club came to our school to show us how Robin Hood used his bow and arrow at the Golden Arrow contest....READ MORE

Building communities

- 18-07-2016

As part of our PSHE lessons we talked about the different communities in our lives....READ MORE

Peveril Day at school

- 11-07-2016

Today we joined the Owls who were on the quest to reconquer Peveril castle from the Normans....READ MORE

Celebrating Her Majesty’s 90th

- 13-05-2016

We had great fun playing games with our guests and showing our ’Hoola hooping’ skills!


Puffins on the Run for Sports Relief

- 18-03-2016

We tried all kinds of running styles! And it felt so good to have friends to support us....READ MORE

Magic potions for World Book Day

- 03-03-2016

In the Puffins class‚ Professor Dumbledore sent a message to Professor Snape’s assistant asking the house teams to make magic potions to turn people invisible....READ MORE

Christmas Carol Singing at Caroline Court

- 14-12-2015

Today we teamed with the Owls to sing Christmas Carols with the residents of Caroline Court....READ MORE

The Puffins are Scooter Smart!

- 29-09-2015

We had great fun learning to ride our scooters safely on Tuesday morning....READ MORE

Outdoor Learning

- 22-09-2015

Our first two outdoor learning sessions have been based around the book ’The Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis....READ MORE

Welcome Back!

- 07-09-2015

Welcome back Puffins! Are you ready for your new adventures? Then‚ follow me....READ MORE