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If you are absent from school due to self-isolation but otherwise well or due to a short-term school closure‚ here is a range of activities for you to do at home this Autumn:

Maths Y5


Maths Y6


English Y5

English Y6



Purple Mash Spellings

Purple Mash Times tables

...And remember to dive into a good book daily!

Archived diary entries - click to read in full above

Returning to school after lock down

- 05-06-2020

You may see lots of circles on the floor....READ MORE

Celebrating VE day

- 19-05-2020

Busy art fingers decorating to celebrate VE day....READ MORE

The adventures of Bob the Flea

- 02-05-2020

A story about Emily an adventurous flea


Learning at home during lock down

- 30-04-2020

Hawks having fun learning new skills and writing poetry....READ MORE

Outdoor Education

- 13-02-2020

We are so enoying our outdoor lessons! Every Tuesday we get together as a tribe....READ MORE

E safety week

- 10-02-2020

Today we have learnt something new about keeping safe on line: we tracked a photo‚ which had been posted on a social media app‚ around the globe and we couldn't believe how far it travelled in 24 hours! Then we thought carefully about our own digital footprint and what it says about us....READ MORE

Fabulous Faith Day 2

- 02-12-2019

Today was our second Fabulous Faith Day....READ MORE

Edale Country Show

- 16-09-2019

A fantastic day had by all at Edale Country Show....READ MORE

En guarde!

- 01-05-2019

Today Max from Premier Wellbeing came to our school to help us understand better how to keep a healthy body and mind....READ MORE

End of Year Service

- 19-07-2018

Lots of beautiful singing and lovely poems for our school leavers today!


Roald Dahl’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears

- 13-07-2018

We performed a play by one of our favourite authors....READ MORE


- 08-05-2018

The Hawks created and constructed awesome obstacle dodging robots with the help of a Robotics expert....READ MORE

Easter Extravaganza

- 23-03-2018

Retelling the Easter story‚ reflecting on its message‚ baking bread and ’walking on eggs’ were but a few activities to celebrate Easter....READ MORE

Learning to debate

- 23-03-2018

Learning the skills of debating important issues such as the Wales Opt-out system for organ donation....READ MORE

Sports Relief 2018

- 21-03-2018

Lots of skills practised in the morning in preparation for the football tournament this afternoon....READ MORE

World Book Day - Dress as a bear!

- 08-03-2018

In our House teams we had a fun day packed with different activities for World Book Day....READ MORE

Christmas Concert

- 15-12-2017

We were proud to introduce‚ present and sing our repertoire of Christmas songs with Mr Corker leading on the keyboard....READ MORE

Christmas Dinner

- 13-12-2017

We had lots of fun reading out loud the jokes we found in our crackers and telling the ones we already knew!


Christmas Traditions

- 11-12-2017

We thoroughly enjoyed this all day of learning about the orign of Christmas traditions we are so familiar with....READ MORE

Children in Need

- 17-11-2017

For Children in Need we organised a cake stall at the end of the day....READ MORE

Basketball WOW day

- 08-11-2017

What a great day! Paul Sturgess‚ the tallest basketball player in the world (Guiness Book of Records 2017)‚ came to our school to tell us about his life as a professional basketball player....READ MORE

Harvest Time is here!

- 01-11-2017

What a great harvest time with our parents who joined in our Harvest art activities! The band played our favourite songs and we joined in with big smiles....READ MORE

Our chicks have hatched!

- 14-07-2017

What a delight to watch our 9 eggs hatch and the chicks building confidence so quickly! 


Sheffield Institute of Sport

- 05-07-2017

The juniors had their most successful visit to the English Institute of Sport with 13 finals....READ MORE

Mini Tag Rugby Tournament

- 03-07-2017

Fantastic results for our teams at the Primary School tag Rubgy tournament that took place at the Sports Club in Hope today....READ MORE

Easter Extravaganza

- 06-04-2017

A fantastic Easter day organised with the help of the Hawks Class: singing‚ games‚ egg hunt‚ music playing and competitions....READ MORE

Lego Club

- 15-12-2016

Today is our last Lego Club session....READ MORE

Harvest Time!

- 14-10-2016

The Hawks have performed thoughful poems and cheerful and inspiring songs....READ MORE

On your bikes!

- 10-10-2016

We practised our skills on the playground before heading for the streets of Hope....READ MORE

Medieval Archery in school

- 21-07-2016

Today we had the visit from Mr Steve Joel from the Sherwood Foresters Archery Club who brought along different types of long bows‚ arrows and arrow heads....READ MORE

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

- 14-07-2016

We had a fun time practising and performing Roal Dahl’s version of Little Red Riding Hood!


Celebrating Her Majesty’s 90th

- 13-05-2016

After a picnic lunch which we shared with our guests from the village and our parents‚ we played games or took part in art projects on the playground....READ MORE

Rocket Science

- 20-04-2016

Today four ’Hawks’ became Space Biologists! Rocket science is a project to celebrate the mission of British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake to the International Space Station....READ MORE

Sports Relief in Action

- 18-03-2016

What great fun it was to test our skills and raise money for children in Africa who do not have access to clean water as we do....READ MORE

Mythical Creatures for World Book Day

- 03-03-2016

Phoenix or Winged creatures! Just like Harry and his friends came across many magical creatures on their adventures‚ in the Hawks Classroom‚ house teams imagined many more that Harry and his friends could have encountered....READ MORE


- 07-12-2015

The whole school went to St Peter’s Church to celebrate the festival of lights....READ MORE

Our home for 3 days!

- 20-10-2015

Lea Green - the big house....READ MORE

Leap of faith.

- 20-10-2015

High ropes course....READ MORE

The ’car wash’.

- 20-10-2015

Lots of wriggling and giggling through the car wash on the obstacle course....READ MORE

High Ropes

- 20-10-2015

Supporting each other to reach new heights....READ MORE

Climbing Wall

- 20-10-2015

Another challenge to overcome fears....READ MORE

Autumn colours

- 20-10-2015

Teasure hunt to orient ourselves....READ MORE

A group photo

- 20-10-2015

Team building


The sky is the limit

- 20-10-2015

What a proud moment....READ MORE

Lea Green

- 12-10-2015

Learning how to work as a team....READ MORE

River Walk

- 12-10-2015

Getting ready for a wet and muddy river walk....READ MORE


- 28-09-2015

The Y4 and Y5 children took part in bikeability training where they learnt how to control their bike safely and manoeuvre around junctions....READ MORE

Welcome Back!

- 07-09-2015

Welcome back to you‚ mighty Hawks! Time to enter a world where you will make new discoveries and free your imagination....READ MORE